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Pharmacists roles and responsibilities during epidemics and pandemics in Saudi Arabia: An opinion paper from the Saudi Society of clinical pharmacy.

Diabetes Type 1


A publications that focus on Diabetes Type 1. Prepared by Dr. Badour Bint Abdullah Al-Omari Clinical pharmacy consultant in internal medicine and rheumatology treatments at Prince Sultan Medical City Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Society of Clinical Pharmacy
Glucometer with sugar level on medical forms for diabetes

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Saudi Society of Clinical Pharmacy is a Saudi association that deals with everything that concern the field of clinical pharmacy. It is a science of pharmacology specializing in clinical pharmaceutical care, where the clinical pharmacist works to be a source of drug information, and a member of the medical team helps in developing

It is a discipline of pharmacy profession in which clinical pharmacists provide direct patient care that optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention

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