Heads of the Society Administrative Committees

Heads of the Society Administrative Committees

Dr. Hisham Badr El-Din

Research and Scientific Publishing Committee

his committee seeks to achieve the objectives of the scientific and research society, and among the most prominent of the following tasks:

Supervising the issuance of the scientific journal of the society.

Nomination of the members of the editorial board of the scientific journal of the society.

Supervising authoring and translating scientific books and studies related to the Society's fields and interests.

Dr. Hajer Almudaiheem

Continuing Education Committee

Supervising the accreditation of continuing medical education hours.

Entering and following up all scientific schedules for the various activities of the association on the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Studying and approving the topics of conferences, seminars and scientific forums for the association and its sub-axes.

Coordination with the scientific committees to supervise the workshops accompanying the conferences and meetings.

Preparing and supervising ACPE accreditation

Dr. Sahar Al-Mowaina

Public Relations and Media Committee

Communicate with all government and private agencies regarding the association's projects.

Consolidating relations with the various media to benefit from them in achieving the goals of the association.

Preparing news and reports about the association and its activities and publishing them through various media.

Monitor what is published in the various media regarding the association’s activities and its preservation.

Supporting the implementation of activities held by the association or in which it participates, such as (seminars, conferences, and workshops).

Preparing and issuing a periodic newsletter regarding the association’s activities, activities and achievements.

Receive proposals and opinions for everything related to the association.

Dr.Hala Joharji

Agreements and Joint Cooperation Committee

Expanding the circle of scientific research and knowledge exchange through communication with international universities and research centers.

Supporting everything that would raise the level of international cooperation and document it through agreements and build important partnerships, and consolidate them in the scientific, academic and research fields

Signing scientific and academic cooperation contracts and drafting them in a legal framework that guarantees and achieves the interests of all parties.

Communicating with regional and international organizations and bodies regarding training programs, seminars, conferences and various meetings.

Seeking to take advantage of all opportunities and offers for joint programs offered globally and regionally.

Dr. Muhammed Al-Awaji

Events Committee and Annual Conference

General supervision of all association activities.

Preparing and equipping workshops, seminars, conferences, scientific meetings, and lectures related to the association’s fields and interests.

Holding the annual conference of the association.

Supervising the preparation of American Board courses in cooperation with the American Society of Clinical Pharmacy.

Dr.Ahmed Al-Dumrdash

Membership and Regions Committee

Establish branches of the association in all regions of the Kingdom.

Establishing clubs specialized in clinical pharmacy.

Supervising the work of all branches and clubs of the association.

Supervising everything related to memberships and communicating with the authority.

Dr. Bedor Omari

Social Media and Marketing Committee

Preparing and publishing brochures and informational pamphlets related to all activities and events of the association on social media.

Spreading media coverage of all association activities on social networking sites.

Highlight the role of the association, its activities, and its importance in society on social networking sites.

Content design for advertisements and flyers related to all association activities.

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Saudi Society of Clinical Pharmacy is a Saudi association that deals with everything that concern the field of clinical pharmacy. It is a science of pharmacology specializing in clinical pharmaceutical care, where the clinical pharmacist works to be a source of drug information, and a member of the medical team helps in developing

It is a discipline of pharmacy profession in which clinical pharmacists provide direct patient care that optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention

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