Saudi Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

Aligned with the principles of SSCP, SJCP’s vision is to contribute and enhance the dynamic field of clinical pharmacy in the context of KSA’s ever-changing healthcare environment with promises of a better and healthier future. Our journal aims at leading the clinical pharmacy practice in the Arab nations and Rest of the World by presenting cutting-edge, exemplary, unbiased evidence-based research and abiding to the highest standards of international publishing, and reporting guidelines. Furthermore, SJCP will open new forums for young investigators, researchers, and clinical pharmacists around the world to publish their prestigious research and create opportunities for the development of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary conversations, thereby keeping us connected within and across specialities.

SJCP will publish topics that are relevant, pertinent, and useful to support clinical pharmacy practice in healthcare with novel submissions in fields related to clinical pharmacy, including but not limited to[13]:

  1. Pharmacotherapy
  2. Medication therapy management
  3. Clinical pharmacy practice experiences
  4. Services development, integration, delivery, and outcomes
  5. Real-world evidence
  6. Clinical practice guidelines
  7. Position statements
  8. White papers
  9. Education and training
  10. Credentialing and privileging
  11. Pharmacoepidemiology
  12. Pharmacovigilance
  13. Pharmacoeconomics
  14. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  15. Health Informatics
  16. Public Health
  17. Pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics

SJCP will provide a trusted open access home for high-quality research by publishing clear, concise, comprehensive, scientifically sound, peer-reviewed, novel original research articles, meta-analyses and systematic reviews, case series and case reports, book chapters, evidence-based policies, informed practices, and useful guidelines on a broad range of topics (as listed above) related to clinical pharmacy.[13] Our journal will also add emphasis on how clinical pharmacy can contribute to the research revolving around mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and various therapeutic interventions. In addition, the journal welcomes research on the interplay between clinical pharmacy, epidemic, and pandemic outbreaks such as COVID-19. By offering this wide spectrum of research, SJCP envisions to become a major international hub for scholars and readers in the field of clinical pharmacy.

Saudi Journal of Clinical Pharmacy


Saudi Society of Clinical Pharmacy is a Saudi association that deals with everything that concern the field of clinical pharmacy. It is a science of pharmacology specializing in clinical pharmaceutical care, where the clinical pharmacist works to be a source of drug information, and a member of the medical team helps in developing

It is a discipline of pharmacy profession in which clinical pharmacists provide direct patient care that optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention

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