“Shape Your Life” Campaign kick-off

The kick-off of the “Shape Your Life” campaign to raise awareness against obesity

The founding president of the Saudi Society of Clinical Pharmacy, Dr. Ahmed Aljedai, described the health awareness campaign launched by the Saudi Scientific Diabetes Society in collaboration with the Saudi Society for the Study of Obesity and the Saudi Society for Clinical Pharmacy “Shape Your Life” as one of the distinguished and purposeful awareness campaigns, pointing out that it is in line with the recent awareness trends of the Ministry of Health. Aljedai stressed that the Ministry of Health supports all awareness and health programs throughout the year and is not limited to international days only.

Professor Aljedai gave a speech on this occasion, after which the journalists’ questions began to be answered with a response from Dr. Saud Alsifri to a question about the main objectives of the campaign, during which he confirmed that the campaign was designed to target the youth and the exhausted segment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and therefore the associations were keen to direct it through various social media that It is witnessing a large turnout and follow-up from these groups, which will help speed up the delivery of the awareness message to the target audience. He said that the goals of the campaign are many, but the most prominent of them is to prevent obesity and reduce the spread of its infection in the Kingdom, which is one of the countries in the world in the number of people with obesity.

In her response to a question about the possibility of banning commercial advertisements for fast food, soft drinks and other causes of obesity in the Kingdom, Dr. Hajar Al-Mudaiheem confirmed that the Saudi Food and Drug Authority is playing its role in this aspect to the fullest, with the authority obligating merchants and restaurant owners to record calories. on each of its products to inform the consumer of the calories that each product contains.

In his message to the community before the conclusion of the press conference, Professor Ahmed Aljedai stressed the need to realize the seriousness of obesity, and most importantly, to deal with it as a disease, and obesity has no relationship of any kind to health, as it was prevalent among some parents who used to believe that child or young obesity is something beneficial to their health.


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